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    i have

  • لي lii / ladeya لدي / andee عندي


  • An internal bodily fluid, not necessarily red, that performs a similar function in invertebrates
  • temperament or disposition; “a person of hot blood”
  • The red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body
  • the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets; “blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and carries away waste products”; “the ancients believed that blood was the seat of the emotions”
  • Violence involving bloodshed
  • smear with blood, as in a hunting initiation rite, where the face of a person is smeared with the blood of the kill


  • A support on which to stand in order to reach high objects
  • a simple seat without a back or arms
  • A seat without a back or arms, typically resting on three or four legs or on a single pedestal
  • lure with a stool, as of wild fowl
  • A piece of feces
  • fecal matter: solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels

why do i have blood in my stool


A picture of Ereinse, here’s his bio and a RP on the bottom that a couple of friends and me did at a B-Day party. I still need to finish up Ereinse’s bio.

Name: Ereinse
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Humanoid
Ereinse a criminal wanted for a lot of money. He ended up in jail sometimes, but escaped from the help of Zosadin. No one really knows his goals, but he’s in charge of a small powerful origination. He will join other originations to help his own goals and might trick others for his own uses. One night he was at a bar after traveling and ran into two bounty hunters one was named Charlie and the other was a girl (both Kitty’s character.) Ereinse was shot in the back of the head and was thought to be dead along with his partner Zosadin. They were both taken to a morgue. Ereinse woke up barely before getting cut up, woke up Zosadin, and the killed the guy that was about to cut open Ereinse. They then walked away without being caught by anyone. Ereinse hopes to get his revenge on the two bounty hunters for almost causing him and Zosadin’s death. Ereinse is usually a very calm person, who doesn’t really care about anything, but he will pretend to. He only gets angry if he’s annoyed at something. He uses his clawed glove for fighting and a crystal dagger. His best friends are Zosadin, Redin, and Vesia. Ereinse is one of the only people that Redin will not that betray, even though Ereinse is wanted for a lot of money, Redin knows that Ereinse and his origination will help him if he’s in a bad situation and they’ve known each other for a long time. He keeps a crystal with him that holds his life, so it’s harder to kill him. It first starts out with Charlie looking for Ereinse and Bowie.

This RP was made at a friend’s Birthday when we were just talking, and then we got bored and wrote this. It starts out in a bar in some strange little town.

Ereinse: *walks in and looks around* … *sits down*

Random Drunk: crrrrblllurh…. *falls off stool*

Charlie: *helps Random Drunk up* Are you, oh…. Hey, are you that guy?*pulls out paper*

Random Drunk: Iorf………..27…Pan drain ssssstotia… in wrsd Mont forol…..

Charlie: Hey bartender, can I get some water here?

Bowie: Sure. *hands water to Charlie* …That’d be 20 dollars.

Charlie: Never mind. *pulls out a water bottle from his backpack*

Ereinse: Then why did you ask for water?

Charlie: Why give my precise water to a drunk, but then why spend 20 dollars? *gives water to drunk*

Ereinse: Well, I didn’t say you were going to give the water to the drunk.

Charlie: Then mind your own business.

Ereinse: Give me a good reason why. *turns to Charlie*

Charlie: Because you’re wanted and I could try to take you in instead of the bartender.

Ereinse: Good luck then.

Charlie: *pulls out two guns and points one at Ereinse and one at Bowie*

Ereinse: *chuckles* Are you going to pull the trigger or not?

Bowie: *shifts uneasily and grabs something from under the counter*

Charlie: Don’t need to.

???: *shoots Ereinse from behind in the head* I will.

Ereinse: Ugh….! *falls over and faints*

Bowie: YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME A LIVE! *throws knife at ???, misses and kills Drunk 2* …Damn.

Charlie: *grabs Bowie and pulls him over the counter*

???: *puts handcuffs on Bowie* Idiot.

Bowie: OH MY GOSH! What’s that behind you?! *tries to run away*

???: *grabs Bowie’s shirt and hits Bowie over the head hard*

Charlie: *grabs Ereinse’s body and walks out with ??? and Bowie*

Zosadin: *runs at Charlie and ??? grinning side to side and gets ready to slash at them*

???: *shoots Zosadin in the head*

Charlie: *shoots Zosadin in the leg*

Zosadin: …! *faints*

???: *grabs Zosadin*

-At the Police Station-
Charlie: Okay, so we got three bounties. Two die, one idiot. I get 50,000 for them all, k?

Police 1: *has the money*

Police 2: Take the dead to the morgue and leave the idioit here.

???: *drops Bowie*

*Charlie and ??? take Ereinse and Zosadin to the morgue, afterwards they walk out*

Charlie: Time for the next job.

-later in the jail, after Bowie wakes up-

Bowie: Hey guards! Come over here!

Police: What? *walks up to Bowie’s cell*

Bowie* HA! *grabs Police’s head and smashes his head into the bars, knocking the Police out*

Police: *falls back, knocked out*

Bowie: *reaches for the keys, but there too far for reach* GOD DAMMIT!

Naya: Hey you! Want to get out? Cuz I’m bored.

Bowie: ….’Cuz you’re bored?… Whatever, how do I get out?

-attempts later, Bowie finally gets out of his cell-

Redin: *runs past Bowie and pushes him to the ground* Move it loser! The cops are coming!

Police 1: *comes out and tasers Redin and puts Bowie back into his cell*

Redin: GUH! *falls over*

Police 2: *grabs Redin and puts him a cell*

Naya: That’s the second time now…

Redin: Shut up… You all suck…! *points at Bowie with his arm shaking* I’m going to KILL YOU!

Bowie: …!*looks at Naya* OI! How do I get out? I don’t want to die.

Naya: *smiles, gets out, and pushes the cell bars a part, and knocks out Police

Historic Nuthatch

Historic Nuthatch
I had the privilege of spending many hours at the nest of a pair of nuthatches recently. If you had told me a dozen years ago that I would be doing this in Scotland, I wouldn’t have believed you, but this species has undergone a phenomenal expansion as a breeding species in Scotland. This is widely attributed to climate change. There are some now well known regular breeding sites for them in this part of Scotland (the Clyde & Ayrshire areas), but this site I photographed them at is the first proven breeding record for Inverclyde. They probably are even breeding closer to where I live and work (in Lochwinnoch) as there have been many sightings of up to two birds in the last few months too, but mainly at feeding stations. They are proving difficult to locate in the depth of the breeding season, though!

I am very grateful to a very regular visitor to Lochwinnoch reserve for alerting me to this photographic opportunity and also for being happy for me to post this photo to Flickr. Whilst he was happy for me to post it straightaway, I have waited until after the birds have fledged which they did, successfully, a couple of days ago.

Getting the photos was not without blood, sweat and tears, though! I fist visited the site with a fellow photographer one evening. Even though we sat quite far from the nest and made sure that we weren’t putting them off feeding their young, their visits to the nest were very brief (a few seconds). The light was in the wrong place too and the birds were too distant. We came away without any photos.

I went back on my own with a portable hide a couple of days later. I went in the afternoon and this time, the birds were completely relaxed and often spent a minute or two at the nest, like I would expect them to. I was amazed how tolerant they were of the hide. The area below the nest tree was full of brambles, brash, fallen bits of tree, tall herbage and even garden refuse that people had dumped there. I wanted my footprint to be minimal, so I just placed my hide (which doesn’t have a base) in a suitable area and sat there surrounded by brambles! These drew blood on several occasions! Although I stayed several hours and got some reasonable photos, there was very little light hitting the nest hole area itself. I went back again the next day, this time at 6.15 am, although sunlight didn’t hit the nest hole until just after 9.30 (but I didn’t know that before I went –difficult to know exactly when sunlight would be hitting a particular spot in an unfamiliar woodland!). This time I stayed 6.5 hours, and had a brilliant time. I also went back for a third time, staying about four hours.

I have already mentioned blood. There was plenty of sweat as it was during the heatwave and temperatures were in the late twenties! It did seem to be a pity to be cooped up in a hot hide when the weather was so good. Tears? I didn’t actually shed any, but a couple of things nearly moved me to them! On one occasion, my three-legged Fisherman’s stool canvas ripped to shreds and became unusable. I had then had to kneel down to look through viewfinder. Not easy when there are so many brambles about and very tiring too. After a while, I had to give up and, whilst the birds were away foraging, move the hide to a different location using a fallen tree as a seat. A small fly got inside the hide and flew around the fine netting opening at the front. So many times I thought it was the nuthatch arriving and got ready to shoot and discovered it was the fly. Normally, I am not bothered by insects, I even ignore midges and even tsetse flies in Tanzania, but this little blighter was a pain!

As I said, it was a privilege to spend so long with these birds. Most of the food brought in was natural, but I did record buggy & fruity nibbles as well as peanuts going in.

In this photo, the adult is standing at the edge of the nest hole. When a friend saw this photo, he asked why I hadn’t pruned away the little sprigs of vegetation to get a clear view of the nest hole? I don’t think this was necessary, as it shows more accurately how the hole was, caused less hassle for the birds and I personally don’t object to them. Do you agree?